Equestrian Riding Instruction

Kapiti Stables is able to provide basic riding lessons for children and adults. We have some friendly horses who love to help people develop their riding skills. We offer standard lessons and Confidence Building lessons with trail rides through the park.

Lessons are provided by an experienced instructor. The instructor will discuss your needs and next steps with you. Additional courses on horse management and support may also be provided by other instructors at Kapiti Stables.

Lessons may include:

  1. General horse care (how to care and groom a horse)

  2. Handling a horse (developing positive ground work to gain a close relationship with your horse)

  3. Body posture and how to mount and dismount a horse safely

  4. Riding basics including how to use the reins, leg control, how to stop and go.

  5. Horse safety and communication including how to read a horse when it is at risk of flight.

  6. Basic movement including walking and trotting

  7. Riding out of the paddock (how to ride safely in wide open spaces)

Extra include:

  • how to lunge a horse

  • paddock management

  • feet work for a horse

  • playing games with a horse

  • working through obstacle courses with a horse

Time and cost:

  • 30 minute session: $40 per session

  • Shared lesson with 2 or more people (60 minutes): $55 per session

  • 60 minute session: $70 per session

    Phone: Lisa on +64 27 355 3046