" I have never been to a stables that takes such good care of people, helmets and provides back protectors. It great! Thank you."

Our trekking philosophy

At Kapiti Stables we believe in:

  • having positive experiences

  • safe and enjoyable rides

  • people and horses building relationships together


Kapiti Stables are great believers in happy horses who enjoy spending their time with people on their back or doing ground work.  We prefer our horses to enjoy their environment, their riders, guides and other horses and so they are encouraged to play and have downtime within the herd as well as enjoying time with people.


People safety and enjoyment with the horses is very important to us. Consequently we have made a conscious decision to lead rein any horse with a beginner rider on their back. This means both the rider and horse can enjoy the positive experience of riding around Queen Elizabeth Park, farmland and coastal walks. It also means the horses have a familiar safe friend who can guide them through the trek and a supportive person to assist every rider.


For the experienced rider, we can offer great beach rides with horses who fully enjoy trekking along the coast or through the Park. The horses are responsive and understand the subtle signals you give instead of just following the rear of the horse in front of them.


Our philosophy is: happy horses, happy riders, happy business.

For bookings call Lisa: +64 27 355 3046

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